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Automation in the automotive industry

In the fast lane of life, there’s no room for error. Precision automotive engineering relies on vision and flawless execution of that vision through the manufacturing of precisely made components that meet or exceed every applicable quality standard. 

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK, a worldwide leader in the production of servo press drives and sheet metal joining equipment, has been manufacturing innovative press drive systems, sheet metal joining and assembly equipment since 1978.

The TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo press drive systems are highly effective and quality driven through the entire range of metal forming and assembly operations. During operation, this rugged, durable, and long-lasting equipment allows force to be applied for the entire length of the stroke. This provides tremendous potential for cost savings due to decreased electricity costs during the automotive manufacturing process.

What kinds of applications is a TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK automotive servo press drive best suited for?

  • Suspension
    • Isolation Bushing Insertion
    • Trailing Arm
    • A-Arm
    • Engine Cradle
    • Twist Axle
    • Ball Joint Assembly/Insertion
    • Steering Arm Assembly
    • Stud/Spindle Assembly Exciter Ring Installation
  • Body
    • Metal Piercing Holes, Slots, and Shapes
    • SPAC Nut installation (Self-Piercing and Clinch)
    • Riveting
    • Shearing Excess Material
    • Plastic Degating – Trim Front & Rear Fascia Access Holes
    • Door Hinge Assembly
    • Fastener Staking
  • Engine/Transmission
    • Bearing & Bushing Insertion
    • Freeze Plug Insertion
    • Water Pump Assembly
    • Head Assembly
    • Fuel Rail Forming
    • Seal Insertion/Installation
    • Cam & Stator Ring Assembly & AC
    • Fuel & Brake Line Assembly/Forming
  • Motor/Battery
    • Battery cell joining/assembly
    • High voltage fuse and lead assembly
    • Motor assembly
    • Motor bar trim and size

What brands does TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK work with?

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK works with a range of global automotive brands, both domestic and imported, including:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • GM
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Porsche
  • Seat
  • Volkswagen
  • TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK also works with a variety of OEM part suppliers such as Continental-AG, Brose, Faurecia and many more


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