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Servo Press Drives for Home Appliance Industry

Today’s savvy home appliance purchasers are better informed than ever – including when it comes to the array of possibilities for both the form and function of their appliances. Variety in design and functionality are equally important to most customers, and it is critical for manufacturers to be able to respond to the quickly shifting demands of the marketplace, both now and in years to come.

The metal forming and joining capabilities of  TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK appliance manufacturing machinery is the equipment of choice for sheet metal joining for appliances and other sheet metal applications within the appliance manufacturing industry.  TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK innovative press drive systems have the precision, durability, and efficiency needed by appliance manufacturers.

What applications are TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK press drive systems best suited for?

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK press drive systems are ideal for any appliance manufacturing application requiring the precise and efficient forming and joining of sheet metal, including appliances and fixtures for the:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Home appliances
    • Refrigerators
    • Washing machines
    • Vacuums
    • Radiators
    • Heat exchanges

Brands TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK works with

When choosing sheet metal forming and joining equipment for the appliance industry, it’s key to select a manufacturer who has experience working with the leading manufacturers within the market segment.

Partners  TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has worked with include: Whirlpool, Bosch, and Electrolux, some of the best-known names in the appliance industry.


While the market demands that  TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo press drives can meet are ever changing,  TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has been a steady, constant, quality-driven presence in the manufacturing industry since 1978. With a worldwide presence,  TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK manufactures innovative press drive systems, sheet metal joining, and assembly equipment for a number of applications, including home fixtures and appliances.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is committed to quality

A documented commitment to quality is at the foundation of everything  TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK does. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, giving evidence to a commitment to customer-centered service and a rigorous quality program that meets or exceeds all applicable standards within the industry.

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