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Servo Press Drives for Electrical Manufacturing

When it comes to electrical manufacturing, downtime simply is not an option. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo press drives, along with robot tongs and air to oil cylinders are engineered to provide the kind of smooth, efficient, trouble-free operation that has kept our customers coming back to us for over 40 years.

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK industrial automation press drives enhance productivity for sheet metal fabrication for use in support of electrical manufacturing operations, including a full range of forming and joining processes such as clinching, pressing, assembling, inserting, coining, riveting, and punching.  

What kind of applications are TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK factory automation press drives best suited for?

  • Electronic devices
  • Office furniture
  • Semi-conductor
  • Factory automation products
  • Industrial robots
  • Industrial fans & motors
  • Electronic housings

Brands we work with

Some of the brands we work with on a regular basis include

  • Hettich (manufacturer of furniture fittings)
  • Blum (producer of hinge, lift, and runner systems in the cabinet and furniture making industry)
  • ifm (electronics company)
  • Kuka (industrial robots and factory automation)
  • Comau (industrial automation)
  • EBM Papst (fans and motors)

At TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK, we have been manufacturing innovative press drives, along with sheet metal joining equipment and assembly equipment since 1978 – for the past 40 years. Our team of engineers and craftspeople take pride in a commitment to quality and innovation. If there is an application or a brand not listed here (yet), we relish the opportunity to expand our partnerships and ability to provide service to our customers.

Quality Takes Commitment

It’s easy to say words that suggest a commitment to quality; it’s another thing entirely to demonstrate an enduring practice of quality and continuous improvement – and to have that commitment recognized by granting of internationally recognized certification.  TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and meeting (or exceeding) standards of quality along with governmental regulations.

Our customers are our reference


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